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Creamy hummus dip

It’s HUMMUS time! I absolutely love dips and there’s nothing better than a fresh homemade and creamy hummus dip! The perfect thing to make for weekend entertaining to share with friends and family or just for yourself. My only tip... make this in a medium-large blender, not a small Nutribullet like the one I have at home, otherwise you will have a hummus explosion (yes that happened to me)! The mess and clean up was totally worth while though... this is a bowl of deliciousness!

Creamy hummus dip recipe

Serves 6-10

Time: 20 minutes plus refrigeration

What you need: 1 can chickpeas, drained 1/4 cup unhulled tahini - I use unhulled for the extra fibre @mayversfood have a yummy one 2-3 cloves garlic 2 lemons, juiced 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 1/2 cup ice cold water Salt to taste Optional toppings: sumac, toasted pine nuts, extra virgin olive oil & parsley

How to: In a large blender place all of the ingredients except for the water and blitz until thick. Gradually add the ice cold water whilst blending between additions. You can add more than 1/2 a cup if you want the consistency to be more runny. I like to refrigerate the hummus dip for about an hour before serving. Top with your favourites - here I’ve topped mine with extra virgin olive oil, sumac, toasted pine nuts and some fresh chopped parsley. Serve with toasted pita bread or your favourite corn chips!

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