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I'm Cassie and I love sharing heart warming recipes with my friends, family and you guys! I am a non-diet Dietitian and have a mindful and intuitive eating approach. This means you won't find any diets here! Instead, you will find fresh, delicious and nourishing recipes that are made with a whole lot of love.


My goal is to inspire you to rediscover your joy of eating and to shift your focus from an over restrictive approach to a nourishing and mindful approach. I hope to help you to find ways to reconnect with your body and to create a healthier relationship with food. 


I'm so excited to share this space with you and offer my insights. I'd love for you to follow along and start enjoying food with me! x 


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About: About

The formal stuff

I'm a Nutritionist and an accredited practising Dietitian (APD) 

Bachelor of Human Nutrition - Latrobe University (B. Hum Nut)

Masters of Dietetics - Monash University (M. Diet) 

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