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Green Goodness Soup

Think cosy, delicious and nutritious all at the same time! This green goodness soup is a simple wholesome mix of zucchini, spinach, lemon juice, basil pesto and a few other goodies. Enjoy curling up to a cosy bowl.

Green goodness soup

Serves 4

3 large zucchinis, sliced

3 large handfuls baby spinach leaves

2 tablespoons basil pesto

juice of 1 lemon

1 litre vegetable stock

2 medium potatoes, thinly chopped

1 brown onion, quartered

Sprinkle salt and pepper

Optional: top with parmesan cheese and serve with crusty bread

Roast the zucchini, potatoes and onion on a large baking tray for 35-40 minutes in the oven (180 degrees fan forced). In a large pot, combine the roasted veggies, basil pesto, vegetable stock, lemon juice and spinach leaves. Blitz with a stick blender until a smooth and creamy consistency is reached. Serve with parmesan cheese on top and crusty bread on the side.


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